10 Tips for Young Journalists

I frequently worked with college journalists at my previous job in Washington, D.C. This involved everything from sorting through their internship applications to editing their work. Unfortunately, some of these budding writers were more promising than others, and I had to dish out correction and tough loving when needed. (Oh, the horror stories I can tell.)

So when a D.C. associate, the ever-vivacious Alyssa Canobbio, asked me to write a blog post with advice to young journalists, I jumped at the opportunity. After a hearty brainstorming session and considerable editing, I finally nailed down a list of 10 tips for young journalists. The list is certainly not exhaustive; there have been books written on this subject, after all. It’s just the most important things I wished our journalism interns had known before stepping into our office on their first days.

Head over to the America’s Future Foundation blog to check out the list!