The New Shop on the Block

Even though I currently work as a full-time event planner, I’m trying to keep my writing skills sharp. So when I was offered the chance to freelance for Coast Explorer magazine, I jumped at the opportunity (after clearing it with my boss, of course).

Coast Explorer magazine endeavors to stay on top of the latest shopping, lodging, sightseeing and dining news on the Oregon Coast. The publication often includes news briefs on brand new businesses in the area.

Earlier this summer, I was able to sit down with two couples who have recently started businesses in Astoria: Frite & Scoop, a cute little ice cream shop on the bank of the Columbia River, and Windwater Bed & Breakfast, a private suite nestled high in the hills — with amazing views! Both couples were incredibly gracious with their time, especially since the published news briefs would only capture a tiny snippet of their passion and persistence. It was wonderful for me to hear their stories and learn about the beginnings of each establishment. If you’re ever in Astoria, I highly recommend spending time at both places.

Unfortunately, only one of my news briefs got published. According to the managing editor, there was just too much content for the summer issue. And exciting things are already in the works for the fall/winter 2015 issue! Stay tuned, and until then…

Check out my news brief about Frite & Scoop on page 42 of the summer 2015 issue of Coast Explorer magazine.