Shopping Around in Astoria

DSC_0843I’m resting and playing catch-up today. With the Chamber’s 2016 banquet & meeting in the books as of Saturday, I finally have time to do the laundry, bill-paying, vacuuming and the like that I’ve been putting off for the last two weeks. And with a gloomy backyard view of rain hitting the creek, it’s also the perfect day to update my website.

After my news brief in the summer 2015 issue of Coast Explorer, I was given a bigger assignment for the fall/winter 2015 issue: 10 shops in downtown* Astoria.

I’ve shopped at numerous boutiques in Astoria, but a few of the ones assigned for this article were new to me. It was fun and rewarding to spend a couple of days “browsing with a purpose” to figure out the most interesting or noteworthy treasures at these 10 stores. I hope this article helps visitors to the North Oregon Coast spend their time (and money) wisely — and maybe gives the locals a few new places to check out!

Read my article about shopping in Astoria in the fall/winter 2015 issue of Coast Explorer magazine.

*one shop was actually in more rural Astoria

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