A Saturday to Catch Up

IMG_4864Life has been crazy this spring and summer.

I’m well into my second year as Event Coordinator at the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce. We have the same major events each year, but there’s always a new challenge or problem to solve. Plus, I’m consulting on two other community events happening on the same weekend in August.

I’m also currently serving as the chair of the Warrenton Community Library Advisory Board as we search for a new space.  Sadly, our current building, which is the adorable old town hall, is quickly reaching the end of its useful (and safe) life.

And for nearly all of May and June, Henry and I had at least one event/commitment every single weekend day. Some weekends, it was two each day.

Oh, and did I mention I’m still freelancing on the side?  Uffda.

So that’s why I’m especially glad that I have unexpected time today, on this partly cloudy Saturday morning, to sit down in one of my favorite coffee shops in Astoria and catch up on my website. I’m only in downtown to interview a shop owner for another Coast Explorer article, but she had to push our meeting back an hour. Cue: a latte and a breather.

Since I started writing for Coast Explorer last year, my work has been published in four issues of the magazine. It’s been a blast. One of my favorite parts of journalism is getting to explore places I wouldn’t normally visit and talk with people from all walks of life. And being that I work for the local Chamber of Commerce, I’m pretty pro-business. So being able to write about shops, restaurants and businesses has been the perfect marriage.

But you might have noticed that only two issues worth of Coast Explorer articles have been on my website, so here’s what you missed in the Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 issues of the magazine. (Many of the accompanying photos are mine, too.)

Spring 2016

Astoria Shop Doe+Arrow Targets Americana Niche

Cannon Beach Shop Mixes Import and Vintage Style

Street 14 Café Offers New Dinner Service

Baked Alaska Opens Annex

Albatross Soars in Newly Expanded Space

Farmhouse Treasures Abound at Lotus Petaler Designs

New Owner Rejuvenates Astoria Consignment Boutique

Summer 2016

Relax at Tensei Float Center in Astoria

Cannon Beach Shop Features Craft Goods

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