Porcelain, Purses and Poppin!

Products I Love – May 2015

1) Daisy Place Desktop Business Card Holder – $30 – Kate Spade

56996343880065pThis was my first Kate Spade purchase ever, as I’m not one of those people obsessed with certain brands. I do, however, appreciate bright, fun products, so I can see the appeal of their stores.

I bought this business card holder to match a black-and-white polkadot mug I decided to use as a pencil holder at my new office. My previous business card holder was a plastic monstrosity from a construction company I’d never heard of — and it didn’t even fit normal size business cards. I had to stand them vertically, which would have been fine if my cards were designed vertically. They aren’t. My previous pencil holder was, well… the top of my desk. Let’s just say I was “roughing it” when it comes to normal office supplies.

This little porcelain beauty is exactly what I wanted. Lightweight, but well-made. The gold stripe along the edge is eye-catching and the whimsical type conveys exactly the sort of message I want to get across: let’s talk shop. Let’s figure out a way to work together so everyone involved profits and the event is a huge success.

Shop this item here. And, if you feel like splurging, shop the matching “pencil” cup.

2) Women’s Mini Satchel Handbag – $29.99 – Merona/Target

2bccf659228ae463efdf658bebb8dfdeBeing a Minnesota girl at heart, one of the hardest parts of living on the Oregon Coast is being so dang far away from a Target! I miss their wide, welcoming aisles overflowing with perfect items you didn’t know you needed. (Seriously — has anyone ever escaped Target with their wallet intact?)

This is a great bag for spring and summer. Small, but still large enough to hold the essentials, with a magnetic outside pocket that’s great for those items you need to grab quickly (keys, phone, pens). I bought it in mint, but the lime and blue are beautiful as well. Adds a punch of color to any outfit!

Shop the purse in numerous hues here.

3) various products – $$ – Poppin


I stumbled across Poppin at Staples during a work supply shopping trip, and I was immediately smitten. Oh my goodness, the COLORS. Pool blue, yellow, lime green, cobalt, coral, purple, aqua… any color you could possibly imagine.

And as striking as a store display of Poppin products is, their website is even more amazing. You can shop by item type OR color, with products from desk chairs and filing cabinets to pens and notebooks. Everything is designed to mix and match and stack. The brand really lives up to its mantra, #workhappy. You can’t help but smile when your desk is decked out in bright colors!

Personally, I went with the sunny yellow for my purchases, as I hoped it would mesh with the few office supplies I already had. But the gorgeous aqua was a close second. You can’t go wrong with whatever color you choose!

Shop the bright collections here.